Red Sky Lighting’s High Temperature Lighting Solutions for Steel Mills, Foundries, and Forges

Meeting the Unique Lighting Demands of Metal Processing and Metal Working Industries

High temperatures and demanding environments are common challenges in industrial settings such as steel mills, foundries, and forging facilities, particularly when it comes to lighting solutions. Ensuring uninterrupted operations and worker safety is of paramount importance for facility owners to maintain productivity and profitability.

Durability and safety are crucial to facilities in steel and iron industry. Photo source: Internet

Traditional metal halide fixtures often fail to address the challenges of high temperature environments in industrial settings. With short lifespans, poor durability, and inefficient lighting, they can disrupt production and even jeopardize worker safety. That’s where Red Sky Lighting’s LED high temperature lights come in. Certified by UL, these lights can withstand temperatures up to 176°F, providing unmatched reliability, efficiency, and safety for steel mills, foundries, and forges operating in such environments.

High Bay Hot & Modular Hot Series

Illuminating the Hottest Frontiers: The High Bay Hot Series

The High Bay Hot Series, a flagship offering from Red Sky Lighting, is purpose-built to withstand scorching temperatures of up to 176°F (80°C ). Designed with an innovative vertical flow cooling fin and a robust driver box, the High Hot Bay is built to excel in even the most challenging environments. By replacing traditional 200W-400W HID/HPS/metal halide fixtures, the High Bay Hot Series delivers exceptional longevity with minimal lighting decline, setting a new benchmark for efficiency and durability

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Bright Light in Hot Heat: The Modular Hot Series

Red Sky Lighting’s Modular Hot Series is an advanced lighting solution specifically designed for high temperature environments. The Modular Series uses modular design, custom drivers, and a large light face to produce an astonishing light output of up to 120,000 lumens. Modular Hot is designed to function in temperatures of up to 159°F (70°C). From steel mills to foundries, cranes to power plants, the Modular Hot Series empowers heavy industries with unparalleled illumination, enabling operations to thrive even in the most demanding conditions.

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Certifications that Inspire Confidence

Built for industries with demanding conditions and a priority on safety, Red Sky Lighting prioritizes adherence to stringent industry standards and regulations. The High Bay Hot Series and the Modular Hot Series boast impressive certifications and ratings, including UL 1598 Wet Locations and UL 8750 LED Safety. Additionally, in the High Bay Hot series the IP67 driver enclosure and IP66 LED modules ensure dust-tightness, temporary water immersion resistance, and robust protection against external impacts with IK08 (Glass) and IK10 (PC) ratings, respectively.

Built to Light Heavy Industry

The High Bay Hot Series and the Modular Hot Series are engineered to meet the unique demands of heavy industries with high temperatures and combustible conditions. In steel mills, foundries, power plants, and other rugged environments Red Sky Lighting’s solutions deliver reliable illumination to ensure safety, improve productivity, and provide uninterrupted operations.

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