Red Sky Lighting Illuminates Ecuador’s Refurbished Oil & Gas Refinery


Red Sky Lighting, a leading provider of specialized industrial lighting solutions, successfully implemented its cutting-edge lighting technology in a refurbished oil and gas refinery located in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. This case study highlights how Red Sky’s partnership with Kalglas International, their representative in Latin America, enabled the safe and efficient lighting of one of Ecuador’s most significant oil and gas refineries.

Installation Snapshot

Industry: OIL & GAS
Location: Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Date of Installation: 2022
Red Sky products installed: Block Series (BLK) and Round Series (RND)

Choosing Red Sky Lighting

The client faced a stringent timeline for retrofitting their refinery in Esmeraldas. They required a lighting solution that could be delivered promptly and ready for immediate installation. Red Sky Lighting, with its industry-leading delivery times and the invaluable sales and logistics support from Kalglas International, was the preferred lighting supplier. Red Sky’s exceptional delivery speed and competitive pricing package set them apart from other market alternatives.

Optimal Lighting Solutions

Red Sky’s Block Series and Round Series were specifically designed and perfected to withstand the challenging conditions prevalent in the oil and gas industry. These models were chosen for installation due to their ideal lumen output and fully certified credentials, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Installed Products

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Block Series

The Block Series offers an impressive 130 lumens per watt and three different beam patterns, making it an ideal choice for harsh and hazardous environments. With its explosion-proof design, the Block Series is suitable for locations where flammable gases, vapors, and combustible dusts are present. Its applications span oil and gas rigs, petrochemical plants, paint spray booths, and other hazardous corrosive facilities.

Round Series

A compact, lightweight fixture that packs a powerful punch. This industry favorite has 7 mounting options, six lens accessory options, and produces up to 150 lumens per watt. The Round Series is suitable for corrosive and hazardous locations such as petrochemical, marine, power generation, pharmaceutical, and food processing facilities

Kalglas International's Support

Kalglas International, Red Sky’s representative in Latin America, played a pivotal role in supporting the lighting solution for the refinery. Gabriel Broide, Sales Director of Kalglas, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “The client initially specified another leading brand for this project. However, this brand failed to meet their budget and delivery requirements, allowing us to introduce the perfect alternative. The light fixtures from Red Sky were exactly what the project needed! From specifications and certifications to quick delivery time and staying well below budget, it was the perfect solution for the client’s needs.”


Red Sky Lighting’s partnership with Kalglas International enabled the successful lighting of Ecuador’s refurbished oil and gas refinery in Esmeraldas. By providing the Block Series and Round Series lighting solutions, Red Sky delivered industry-leading performance, durability, and safety to one of the country’s most critical oil and gas facilities. Through their commitment to exceptional delivery times and competitive pricing, Red Sky Lighting continues to establish itself as a trusted partner in the industrial lighting sector.

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