Modular Max Series: Setting the Standard

In the relentless pursuit of excellence within the harsh and hazardous landscapes of the industrial sector, engineers tasked with developing lighting solutions for demanding industrial environments confront myriad challenges: balancing the need for lightweight with uncompromised brightness. In the marine transportation sector, the movement of the ocean threatens personnel safety and durability of lighting systems, while the oil and gas industry mandates stringent safety measures to prevent explosions. Feedback from these demanding environments has highlighted significant hurdles: existing light fixtures are often too heavy, lack the necessary lumen output, and pose challenges during installation.

Red Sky Lighting's new product Modular Max Serires Light

Enter Red Sky Lighting’s solution: Modular Max Series (MDX), a beacon of luminary innovation that stands as a testament to redefining the standards of industrial illumination. Emerging as a solution that embodies the core values of safety, durability, ease of installation, and energy efficiency, the MDX Series is not merely about illuminating spaces—it’s about revolutionizing how light serves the industrial world. Each feature of the MDX Series reflects Red Sky Lighting’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and setting new benchmarks in lighting technology. This narrative is not just about shedding light; it’s a journey toward reimagining the role of illumination in the industrial sector, firmly grounded in the four pillars that form the bedrock of Red Sky Lighting’s mission.

Safe and Reliable: A Beacon of Trust

The MDX Series is engineered for illumination and designed to guard safety in environments where risk is a constant companion. The luminaire’s Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) certification underscores its ability to prevent ignition in explosive atmospheres, making it an indispensable ally in workplace safety. The MDX also has a Class 2 Division 1 certification.

Beyond its C1D2/C2D1 compliance, the MDX Series’ reliability is further fortified by adhering to I66 and I67 standards, making it suitable for outdoor use, even in extreme weather conditions. It also has NEMA 4X compliance, showcasing its ability to withstand ingress of solid foreign objects, water, and corrosion, ensuring consistent operation in diverse and extreme conditions in both indoor and outdoor environments. 3G vibration rating is also a feature of the MDX, which means it can withstand fundamental resonant frequency vibrations for 100,000 cycles in each plane (x, y, z). This rating is intended to provide a worst-case scenario as the product’s natural resonance is considered. This requirement is crucial for vibration environments such as oil drilling and dockside cranes. Incorporating anti-loosening bolts in the MDX Series is crucial for high-altitude operations; this feature is essential in hazardous locations where equipment reliability and safety cannot be compromised. 

Adherence to the UL844 standard is evident in the design of the incoming line terminal block, optimized to meet specific minimum thread engagement requirements while minimizing its size to conserve internal space. This careful arrangement extends to the internal layout, where the driver is positioned at one end of the housing, and the output terminals are efficiently arranged on both sides, maximizing usability and space efficiency.

Operating safely across a temperature range from -49°F to 149°F, the MDX Series guarantees reliability even in extreme weather, making it a paragon of safety and reliability in industrial lighting. In summary, these features contribute significantly to its reliability and safety in harsh and hazardous environments. These characteristics make the MDX Series an optimal lighting solution for industries operating under challenging conditions, where safety and reliability are paramount.

Durability, Performance, and Long-lasting: Crafted to Conquer

The MDX Series’ DNA is durability. It is designed to endure the rigors of the most demanding environments. Its robust construction is tailored to resist corrosive and abrasive conditions. The MDX Series is a bulwark against the elements, ensuring its light shines bright even with the harshest conditions.

The MDX Series elevates the standard for durability with its impressive 70,000-lumen output and an L70 rating of 230,000 hours (26 years) at a temperature of 149°F; this ensures unparalleled brightness and testifies to the series’ resilience. Each luminary is designed to maintain peak performance over time, promising a durable and long-lasting lighting solution.

The Modular Max Series has a 5mm glass cover with an IK10 impact resistance, the highest rating for protection against mechanical impacts, which is extremely rare in the industry. This level of security ensures that the lighting solution can withstand physical impacts and vibrations commonly found in industrial settings. This Glass offers excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, surpassing other materials like PC (polycarbonate).

The LED heat sink in the MDX features a diverging fin design, enhancing convective heat transfer in multiple directions by promoting airflow around and through the fins for more effective cooling. In contrast, the thermal management system for the driver incorporates a three-dimensional dissipation structure strategically designed with thermal channels located both above and below the driver to optimize heat flow. This approach is refined through advanced software thermal analysis, ensuring the establishment of efficient pathways for heat escape. Using materials with high thermal conductivity, such as an aluminum alloy for the housing (with a thermal conductivity of 190 W/m*K), high thermal conductivity PCB boards, and superior interface materials, further facilitates this effective heat transfer.

Easy to Install and Maintain: Simplifying Sophistication

Understanding the premium on time and efficiency in industrial operations, the MDX Series is engineered for ease of installation and maintenance. Its design acknowledges the complexity of industrial environments, offering a lighting solution that simplifies sophistication. The MDX supports both floodlight and high-bay installation methods. The single module’s weight of just 21.8 lbs. sets a new standard for lightweight design, making the MDX easier to handle and significantly reducing the complexity and time required for installation. The inclusion of a composite hinge structure is a design innovation that substantially simplifies the installation process; this feature allows for quick alignment and fixture adjustment without the need to remove bolts, thereby speeding up the installation process and reducing labor costs. As a high-bay light, the hinge allows the top cover to serve as a suspension mounting carrier when open, and when closed, it acts as an axis to quickly align the cover with the light body through threaded holes for rapid installation. Anti-loosening bolts are used so that during installation or maintenance, there’s no need to remove bolts.

Precision is at the heart of the MDX Series, with structural dimensions and chain design calculated to a remarkable accuracy of 0.1 millimeters, ensuring optimal assembly clearances between components. This precision engineering eliminates the need for intermediate components, with all parts directly integrated into the main housing for the largest light source cavity. This innovative approach not only maximizes space but also streamlines the installation process, as evidenced by the strategic placement of the terminal block near the incoming line, which effectively reduces the length of the incoming line and, consequently, the space occupied by the input wires.

Thanks to the intelligent design, which emphasizes accessibility and simplicity, maintenance is streamlined, ensuring that the MDX Series remains an efficient fixture in industrial settings. This ease of installation and maintenance embodies Red Sky Lighting’s vision of providing solutions that are not just innovative but also pragmatic, ensuring that the transition to superior lighting technology is seamless and straightforward. The MDX’s glass cover makes it easier to maintain and use daily. Glass is not conducive to dust accumulation, allowing for easy cleaning and minimizing static electricity generation, which is necessary in explosive environments. 

Energy-Efficient and Environmental Conscience: Lighting the Way to Sustainability

In an era where environmental sustainability is paramount, the MDX Series stands as a beacon of energy efficiency. With an efficacy of 180LM/W, the MDX Series not only provides exceptional brightness but also sets a new benchmark for the industry in efficiency. This efficiency translates into significant energy savings, reducing operational costs while minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, the MDX Series’ commitment to sustainability is reflected in its recyclable housing made of LM6, an aluminum alloy with high impact strength and flexibility. By designing the MDX Series with recyclability in mind, Red Sky Lighting contributes to the circular economy, where materials are kept in use for as long as possible, thus minimizing the environmental impact of producing and disposing of lighting solutions. These features reflect a deliberate effort to address environmental concerns and demonstrate a responsible approach to product development. An accessory visor designed to reduce light pollution is available; this design consideration acknowledges the broader ecological impacts of lighting, including its effects on ecosystems and human health. Light pollution disrupts nocturnal wildlife, interferes with astronomical observations, and can adversely affect humans. A wildlife-friendly amber light is also available; this will not disturb the wildlife and lead them to an area where they could be in danger. The series represents a leap forward in making industrial lighting greener, reflecting a commitment to the planet that illuminates the path to a more sustainable future.

The MDX Series stands as a monument to meticulous engineering and thoughtful design aimed at surpassing the industry’s conventional limitations. The design’s compact nature allows for additional wiring space, a testament to its efficiency and forward-thinking. A vertical structural layout that diverges from traditional horizontal schemes achieves a more three-dimensional overall structure, enhancing both form and function.

As we approach the culmination of our exploration into Red Sky Lighting’s Modular Max Series Light (MDX), it’s clear that this innovation is not just a step forward; it’s a leap into the future of industrial lighting. The brilliance of the MDX Series lies not only in its structural ingenuity but also in its performance. The luminaire’s structure boasts exceptionally high light output efficiency, complemented by a driver with high conversion efficiency. The reduced number of bolts required for installation further underscores the series’ user-friendly design; the series’ groundbreaking design, marrying high-lumen output with stellar energy efficiency and adaptability to the most challenging environments, positions it as an ideal choice for industrial applications aiming to enhance visibility, cut energy costs, and bolster safety measures. Through its innovative design and exceptional functionality, the Modular Max Series (MDX) by Red Sky Lighting is a beacon of progress in the industrial lighting landscape, illuminating the path toward a brighter, safer, and more sustainable future.

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