MDX Series - Illuminating the Edge of Challenges

Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions with unparalleled performance.

High Lumen Output

Powerful illumination range from 15,000 to 70,000 lumens, adaptable for diverse lighting needs.

Extreme Durability

Rigorously tested and certified to C1D2/C2D1 standards, ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments.

Flexible Installation

Multiple mounting options including pendant, straight yoke, and angled yoke for easy adaptation to various installation scenarios.

Efficient & Eco-Friendly

High luminous efficacy LEDs combined with recyclable materials commit to sustainable, green lighting solutions.

Illuminate Your Space with MDX - Empower the Ambience

Cast the perfect light, indoors or outdoors, with the MDX Series—designed to excel in both everyday and extreme conditions. Transform your workspace into a beacon of safety and clarity.

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MDX Series in Action - Proven Performance

Rugged Industrial Use

MDX lights shine brightest, even in the harshest industrial settings.

Safe in Hazardous Areas

Certified for safety in explosive environments, MDX is trusted where it matters most.

Versatile for Multiple Settings

From the docks to the depths, MDX lighting is adaptable to any work site.

Eco-friendly Operations

Lead the green initiative with MDX’s energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Smart & Controllable

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems for smart, responsive illumination.

Weather-Resistant Durability

MDX lights endure through extreme weather, proving reliable year-round.

Get MDX Specs - Illuminate Smarter

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