Red Sky Lighting Manufactures Premier Harsh and Hazardous Lighting

Mar. 04, 2019
Red Sky Lighting manufactures premier, rough service, durable LED lights designed for the harshest and most hazardous conditions. From food processing plants to paper mills, from oil rigs to trawlers, from petrochemical plants to underground mining tunnels, our fixtures are made of ruggedized construction that require low maintenance and emit high lumen output at a low energy cost.

Named Red Sky Lighting from a folklore that gave warning of hazardous weather approaching to seamen, shepherds, pioneers and miners, our innovative fixtures and designs instill in us a sense of tradition and passion. Using state of the art technology, our products are explosion proof and certified up to Class I Division 1. When tested against corrosion, dirt, combustible vapors, moisture, vibration, salt water, gases, and dust, our fixtures keep working. Based in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, our company prides itself on the safety and satisfaction of our light fixtures installed at your industrial location. We are proud to sell an amazing product that won't disappoint.

At Red Sky Lighting, we make “Seriously Safe Lights.”™